210-Lake (Show)

Effort and contemplation.

  • Work
    • 210
  • Name
    • Lake (Show)
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, June 2004
  • Duration
    • 70’
  • Instrumentation
    • flute, sopran sax, voice, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, salterio and piano
  • Parts
    • 1) The first light 2) Dawn 3) Inside the water 4) Midday 5) Storm 6) Effort 7) Death 8) Love 9) Kids and birds 10) The stranger 11) Sunset 12) Night 13) Final party 14) Reeds 15) Making of
  • Texts
    • Josep Navarro Santaeulalia
  • Text language
    • Catalan
  • Cd
    • Humans (2015)
  • Premiere
    • Banyoles, La Draga July 24, 2004 Voice: Eva Trullàs Saxo and Flute: Adrià Bauzó Bass: Toni Terré Battery: Cidon Trindade Guitars: Marcelo Valente Piano and Psalteri: Paco Viciana
  • Premiere (piano version)
    • Tema l'albada per a l'espectacle Humans: Banyoles, Auditori 7 de Març de 2015 Piano: Paco Viciana

Multimedia show with photographies of Tino Soriano, poems by Josep Navarro Santaeulàlia, audiovisual by Xavi Perez and Miquel Casadevall "Quelfo", choreography by Iona Altimiras, set design by Pep Aymerich and stage direction by Angel Amieva, for the opening of the World Rowing Championship 2004 in Banyoles.

Presentation and plot of the show:

We invite you to join this fantastic journey for the senses. A trip along a virtual day around a place of extreme beauty: THE LAKE OF BANYOLES, important center during centuries of the experiences of thousands of people of all ages and cultures.

The show portrays a walk feelings and abstract concepts closer to the lake: water, light, wind, trees, leaves, life and death, effort, the night, the stars, the people ... Through different artistic disciplines (photography, music, poetry, theater, sculpture, video ...), we intend to raise public awareness about the importance of this natural landmark.

For more than an hour of show we want to convey the familiar warmth of the first rays of the sun or the shocking sting of death in the womb of the water, the fresh smell of wet earth after the storm, the effort flooding the art of self-improvement, the melancholy of fallen leaves and the vitality that surrounds and crosses the lake.

humble and reflective trip about life and death. An initiatory journey in search of a more hopeful horizon. A return to Nature.

This means to be LAKE

All the poems that we used in the show, written by Josep Navarro Santaeulàlia, were Haikus, an ancient Japanese structure of making minimalist poems. I put an example of one of them::

Neither mud nor fire.
My soul is water,
Green and blue light.
In 2007 I made a summary of the show in 18 minutes by a synthesizer, called Living the lake, as music for an advertorial about the lake of Banyoles, comission of the producer 24 imatgesxsegon and the Consortium of the Lake de Banyoles, producer Quim Paredes.  

Later I created various arrangements of parts of the shows:

For violin and piano:
-1) The first light
-3) Inside the water
-9) Kids and birds
-11) Sunset

For piano solo:
-2) Dawn
-10) The stranger
-14) Reeds


Work included in the shows:


Lake (70'):

Summary-Trailer (5'48):

1) The first light (5'15)
2) Dawn (3'22)
3) Inside the water (4'18)
4) Midday (5'10)
5) Storm  (4'11)
6) Effort (5'32)
7) Death (3'46)
8) Love (4'19)
9) Kids and birds (6'12)
10) The stranger  (2'43)
11) Sunset (2'21)
12) Night (4'20)
13) Final party (5'14)
14) Reeds (2'42)
15) Making of (6'09)
  • Voice: Eva Trullàs
  • Soprano saxophone and flute: Adria Bauzó
  • Bass: Toni Terré
  • Drums: Cidon Trindade
  • Guitars: Marcelo Valente
  • Piano and Psalteri: Paco Viciana
Concert at sports center of Banyoles on July 24, 2004

Living the lake (OST) (18'19): 

  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana
Score in pdf:


Credits of the show: 

  • Production and music: Paco Viciana
  • Script and stage direction: Angel Amieva
  • Poems: Josep Navarro Santaeulàlia
  • Photographs: Tino Soriano
  • Scenery: Pep Aymerich
  • Lighting design: Josep Maria Perez
  • Sound design: Toni Paris
  • Video: Xavi Pérez and Miquel Casadevall "Quelfo"
  • Voice: Eva Trullàs
  • Soprano saxophone and flute: Adria Bauzó
  • Bass: Toni Terré
  • Drums: Cidon Trindade
  • Guitars: Marcelo Valente
  • Piano and Psalteri: Paco Viciana
  • Clàudia de Siato
  • Carlos Varela
  • Marta López
  • Glòria Cristina
  • Àngel Amieva
  • Modern Dance Group of Banyoles
  • Alexia Ros
  • Irene Vila
  • Judith Saavedra
  • Fatima Gifra
  • Elena Constans
  • Irene Casals
  • Sandra Gimeno
  • María Cufí
  • Alba Carretero
  • Sandra Capellera
Coordinator Manipulators:
  • Iona Altimiras 
Stage Councillors:
  • Marc Sala
  • Fidel Villabrille
  • Aniol Viciana
  • Anna Amieva
  • Alba Amieva
  • Marc Villabrille
  • Isabel Oliver
English translation of the poems:
  • Lucy Humphries 
  • City of Banyoles