2013-Water Nymphs (The Show)

Concert premiered on February 10, 2013 at the Municipal Theatre of Girona.

In 2012 the singer Maite Mer proposed me to create a totally new show with my music and she wants to call it Water nymphs, to differentiate it from my ballet of the same name, which I created music, Water nymphs, I decided to call this new proposal Water nymphs (The Show). Maite informs me of the musical and vocal group she wants to use in this proposal, so I could do the work of recovery and adaptation of the musical group of several of my works. And so is Water nymphs (The Show) born.


Water nymphs (The Show)



  1. Witches' eyes
  2. Wind cartoons (Lorca)
  3. Little child
  4. The island of women
  5. Sou um guardador de rebanhos (Cançons al guardià de ramats) (premiere)
  6. Se eu pudesse trincar a terra toda (Cançons al guardià de ramats) (premiere)
  7. The look of the seagull
  8. Leaving full moon (Lorca)
  9. Ode to impossible loves
  10. Water nymphs (love)
  11. Madrigals (Lorca)
  12. Water memory (Your eyes)
  13. La Goja de Banyoles (premiere)


Cd Water nymphs (The Show)



  • Voices: Montserrat Cristau, Maite Mer, Imma Presas, Gloria Garcés, Vera Krasnoperaova, Natalia Donato and Georgina Reyner
  • Violin: Eszter Schütz
  • Piano: Anna Cassú



  • February 10, 2013 at the Municipal Theater of Girona (premiere).
  • 29 March 2013 Theatre World Bisbal (Girona).
  • June 2, 2013 at the Municipal Theatre of Lloret de Mar (Girona).
  • July 7, 2013 in the Parish Church of Serinyà (Girona).
  • 20 July 2013 Cloister Monastery of Banyoles (Girona).


  • Poster of the Show