2017-Up or down

Lyrical divertissement of remarkable satirist character with 16 characters defended by 8 singers interrelated within and outside the claustrophobic space of an elevator, accompanied by a piano and a violin.

Passions, feelings, glimpses, tact ... 16 characters inevitably sensitive to change, transformation, mutation of themselves in themselves.

We go up, down, forwards, backwards. Constantly. At all hours. Possessed by an inexorable vital moment.

We live in shared spaces. Share relationship spaces.

A musical tribute to the constant mutation, impermanence as the only constant in life, inside and outside each of us.

Critical condition and human society.

An ode to the contemplation of life that inevitably escapes every lived moment.

16 characters, a lift ..... and tempus fugit.


UP OR DOWN - VERKAMI (catalan)

(a)phònica's Festival 2017 (catalan)

WEB - UP OR DOWN (Col·lectiu Witty-ERAM) (catalan)




  1. Up or down (Act I - Act II)




Cd Up or down 


UP OR DOWN - Artistic and technical team premiere's day:

  • Book and music: Paco Viciana
  • Work inspired by an original idea of  Aina Viciana


  • Scenic direction: Jordi Purtí
  • Musical direction: Paco Viciana


  • Sopranos: Marta Casals and Alba Bosch
  • Mezzosopranos: Marta Fiol and Maria Cirici
  • Tenor: Jordi Casanova
  • Baritone: Marc Pujol and Eloi Prat
  • Bass/Baritone: Jordi Clos


  • Pianist: Anna Cassú
  • Violinist: Eszter Schütz


  • Scenic space: Jordi Purtí
  • Contributions to the dramaturgy: Aina Viciana and Jordi Purtí
  • Scenography: Lluís Nadal (Koko)
  • Construction of stage design: Zeroquatre
  • Lighting design: Jordi Surroca and Jordi Purtí
  • Sound design: Marc Paneque
  • Costume design: Qstura, coordination Cristina Ayala
  • Making of: Aniol Viciana
  • Design and web: Martí Aguer, Clàudia Augé, Pablo Fernández, Laura Gázquez i Sheila Quirante (ERAM University School of Audiovisual and Multimedia), coordinated by Francesc Font. 


  • Linguistic correction: Isabel Roura
  • Production and coordination: Paco Viciana