1991-Such a forward youngster

Theatrical show premiered on November 24, 1991 in Sant Julià Church (Municipal theater) of Besalú (Girona).

Assignment of the theatrical group of Besalú to create 6 songs intended to complement the staging of the vaudeville of the same name Such a forward youngster from french writer of the XIX century Eugène Labiche.

For that end I recorded the accompaniment of the themes and they used this recordings in their shows. The recordings are in this time missing. 


Such a forward youngster: (premiere)

  1. I don't like this
  2. Strange adventure
  3. Look, my friends
  4. Now I hear it, silence
  5. The night I met
  6. Everything finishes, everything stops



  • Actors: Paco Grande, Miquel Robles, Silvia Oliveras, Paco Vaquero, Jordi Pèlachs, Dolors Vendrell
  • Scenography: Martí Guillamet
  • Costumes: Santi Robles, Nuri Frigola
  • Music: Paco Viciana
  • Lighting: Joan Reixach
  • Makeup and hairdressing: Miquel Robles
  • Direction: Vicenç López


Hand program of the show

  • Eugène Labiche