1992-Concert with collaborators

Concert premiered on July 12, 1992 in the Church of Sant Julià (Municipal Theatre) of Besalú (Girona).

First concert generated completely with my compositions, and with all kinds of luxury artistic collaborations. Many of the works featured in this concert were premieres.


Titón Frauca



  1. For watching the kingdom of who dreams (premiere)
  2. Granados (premiere)
  3. Occasionally falls a dense curtain (premiere)
  4. Give me your hand (premiere)
  5. And suddenly loneliness (premiere)
  6. Última estrela a desaparecer (premiere)
  7. Waves (premiere)
  8. Light of night
  9. Three fables
  10. Eyes
  11. Moon (premiere)
  12. I've seen my soul in dreams (premiere)
  13. Darling, I love you (premiere)
  14. Chrysalis (premiere)
  15. A ray of life (premiere)
  16. Doobie-doobie-doo (premiere)



  • Singers: Titón Frauca, Jaume De Caso, Cesar Puente
  • Violin: Pau Carreras
  • Rhapsodist: Tin López
  • Bass: Miquel Vilagran
  • Drums and percussion: Xavi Rodríguez
  • Piano: Paco Viciana 


Sant Julià from Besalú

  • Poster of the show