2015-Witches Alley

1. Presentation
2. Song: "Witches Alley" (Faló Garcia)
3. The legend of the witch Siseta of Girona
4. Songs: "Presentation Raps of the witches" (Carles Cors)
5. The arrival of the Estruga
7. The history of the Estruga
8. Song: "Not welcome" (Carles Cors)
9. The Estruga installs in the Alley
10. Song: "I want to live" - "Je veux viure" form Romeo and Julliet of Gounod
11. The Estruga makes the tests
13. Arrival of the witch Siseta
14. Song: fragment of the aria of  "Lakmé" from Delibes
15. It undoes the enchantment



Cd's artistical and technical file:

  • Voice: Elena Martinell
  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana
  • Year of publication: 2015
  • Recording: Carles Cors
  • Edition: PocaCosa Teatre


Show Witches Alley