• Photos: Tino Soriano


Crystalline kaleidoscope.

  • Work
    • 031
  • Name
    • Lake
  • City and date
    • Besalú, August 1990
  • Duration
    • 4'
  • Instrumentation
    • cobla and choir
  • Texts
    • Josep Navarro Santaeulàlia
  • Text language
    • Catalan
  • Premiere
    • Banyoles, Sta. Maria January 20, 1991 Cobla: Els Montgrins Choir: La polifonica de Puig-Reig Direction: Paco Viciana

First work of my catalog for the two groups involved in it: cobla and mixed choral.

Awarded work in the sixth musical composition prize for cobla of the villas of Ceret and Banyoles with a second prize. Within the framework of the Cultural Olympiad of 1990.

As being rewarded the work one of the advantages that offered was its premiere, to which I directed with many nerves in Banyoles.


Premiere of the work in Banyoles

The basis of the contest was to create the work on a given poem by José Navarro Santaulàlia called Estany (Lake). Later I collaborated several times with this poet of Banyoles, as in the show Lake, or putting music in his haikus with the works Path that finishes, White camellias, Little child and The fallen flower.

(Photography by Tino Soriano)


Cada color del món se t’encomana,
estany, calidoscopi cristal.lí:
blau cel del cel en pau i blau marí
quan et xarbota un grop de tramuntana;
tens, segons com, foscors de serralada
o bé t’impregnes del gris blanquinós
dels núvols i tot d’una et fas verdós
si presagies la tamborinada;
t’envermelleix la sang del vell monarca
diürn i prens un caire de metall
lluent d’ombra i de llum com un mirall
on ondulés l’estela d’una barca;
i sota el gran silenci de la nit
imites el color de l’infinit.
Lake (English translation)
Every color in the world is contagious,
lake, crystalline kaleidoscope:
sky blue of sky in peace and dark blue
when you get a group of tramontana;
you have, according to how, mountain ranges
or it impregnates you with whitish gray
of the clouds and suddenly you become greenish
if they foreshadow the storm;
the old monarch's blood turns red
diurnal and you take a metal border
shimmering with shadow and light like a mirror
where the wake of a boat ripples;
and under the great silence of the night
You imitate the color of infinity.
Lake (4'06):


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