2009-Witches' Eyes

Theatrical show premiered on June 9, 2009 at Gaudí Theater in Barcelona.

Assignment of playwright Joan Solana for the creation of the parts of his thatrical work Witches' Eyes, winning work of the prize Octubre de Teatre 2003.

The work places the action in the XVII century in Naples; the main character are the bandit Perot Rocaguinarda, and Claudia, a young woman who has visionary powers and that will be burned in the bonfire accused of witchcraft.



Witches' Eyes


As the playwright action takes place in Italy at the end of Renaissance, I opted to make music inspired in Madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi, mixing it with catalan and napolitan music, toghether in modern harmonies. Joan Solana asked me to make music only for voices, that's because there are a capella songs, without adding any musical instrument.

In this work we can find polyphonic choirs ans songs of own creation, but with a traditional nature, as napolitans and bandit songs were.


Plot of the play:

Spring 1611. Catalonia. Perot Rocaguinarda, the famous catalan bandit, is in bed with Claudia, a young woman with visionary powers, a witch. They have made love toghether. Claudia asks Perot to do not ask pardon, to not leave. To convince him, she makes him see a piece of future.

Spring 1630. Naples. Perot is now captain of the troops of the King of Spain, those preparing for the battle of  Mantua, against the french army. He also has to face the pressures of the nobles of Naples and the attempts uprising. One night he recieves a group of comedians, were he recognizes a woman, called Claudia. He commands being alone with her.

From this moment, it's a constant walk about from 1611 to 1630, the characters and the spectators discover a time that is both future and past, where traditions and complicities are weaved, that transform a bandit who fought against the King of Spain into an ally; betrayals and complicities, that affect Claudia's life, convicted for being witch and prisoner in Barcelona, and othe Claudia, his daughter that, in a futile and suicidal gesture, stands in front of the man who stopped heeding her mother and provoked misery to her family.

The play remained more than a month in Gaudí Theater and later toured through Catalonia.


Gaudí Theater of Barcelona





  • Production: Eironeia Produccions
  • Text and direction: Joan Solana
  • Music: Paco Viciana
  • Musical direction: David Costa
  • Direction assistant: Laia Alsina
  • Distribution: Aina Calpe, Roser de Castro, Laia Sorribas, Andrea Portella, Pep Muñoz, Jordi Cumellas, David Marcè, Laura Pujolàs and Cor de Teatre de Banyoles.
  • Lighting design: August Viladomat
  • Costumes: Joana Giol
  • Stage space design: LLuís Nadal "Koko" and Montse Baeza
  • Production assistant and state-manage: Anna Darné


  • Poster of the show