• The lake of Banyoles

210-Living the lake (OST Advertorial)

A lake to be tested.

  • Work
    • 210
  • Name
    • Living the lake (OST-Advertorial)
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, June 2004
  • Duration
    • 18'20
  • Instrumentation
    • synthesizer
  • Cd
    • Humans (2015)
  • Premiere (original version)
    • Banyoles, La Draga July 24, 2004 Voice: Eva Trullàs Saxo and Flute: Adrià Bauzó Bass: Toni Terré Battery: Cidon Trindade Guitars: Marcelo Valente Piano and Psalteri: Paco Viciana

Summary in 18 minutes of the wrk Lake for synthesizer, as music for an advertise about the Lake of Banyoles, commissioned by the producer 24 imatgesxsegon and the Lake Banyoles Consortium from 2007, producer Quim Paredes

Lake, is a multimedia show with photos of Tino Soriano, poems of Josep Navarro Santaeulàlia, audiovisuals of Xavi Pérez and Miquel Casadevall "Quelfo", choreographies of Iona Altimiras, scenography of Pep Aymerich and stage direction of Àngel Amieva, for the opening ceremony of the Rowing World Championship 2004 in Banyoles.

Work inlcuded in the show Lake (2004) and in the stage proposal MOT Festival (2014)



Living the lake (OST) (18'19): 



  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana