Show premiered on 1 December 2002 at Sunset Jazz Club in Girona.

Having premiered the work in Lorca in 1998 with poems from the Andalusian poet Federico García Lorca in Tribute concert to Lorca, I decide to stage the play again but with a different musical group.


Lunatics at Viader Auditorium


I adapted the part of the violin for flute, I rewrite for the original baritone to soprano, and the original rhapsodist which was a man in the original version, becomes a woman. 

The first part of the show, previous to the interpretation of the play Lorca I adapt it to the new musical group.


Poster of the show


With this group of musicians I baptized the show with the name of Lunatics, referring to the morning star so usually mentioned in Lorca's poems.

Later, in 2014, I decided to reduce more the work reducing the role of the flute, leaving the group of three artists on stage, I call the new show again Lunatics, and we premiered in Santander in September 2014.




  1. Lullaby 
  2. Instantaneous Music (Defects)
  3. Occasionally falls a dense curtain
  4. Instantaneous Music (The value of things)
  5. Waves
  6. Water Nymphs (Love)
  7. Glimpses
  8. Lorca
  9. Moon
  10. Darling, I love you
  • Voice: Glòria Garcés
  • Rhapsodist: Marta López
  • Flute: Esteve Zulet
  • Piano: Paco Viciana
  • Stage direction: Àngel Amieva



  • 1 December 2002 Sunset Jazz Club Girona (premiere).
  • 5 June 2003 Viader Auditorium of Girona.
  • July 9, 2003 in the Gardens of Girona Art Museum.



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