1999-Entre poc i massa

Children's show premiered on March 10, 1999 in the Municipal Theater of Banyoles.

First show for children made entirely with own music. Assignment of the producer of children's and youth shows ATOT i Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya.

Cristina Cervià

Entre poc i massa is a musical story inspired in a tale of Miquel Desclot called All maces sting.

About this tale of Miquel Desclot I build a narrative model for children with a metal quintet of 50 minutes duration, and divided in 9 musical parts.


2111 Gòtic Brass Quintet




Cd Entre poc i massa



  • Narrator: Cristina Cervià
  • Metal Quintet: 2111 Gòtic Brass Quintet
  • Text: Miquel Desclot
  • Music: Paco Viciana
  • Production: ATOT i Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya
  • Entre poc i massa