228-Midday's Haikus

Fleeting and subtle.

  • Work
    • 228
  • Name
    • Midday's Haikus
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, June 2007
  • Duration
    • 3'40
  • Instrumentation
    • voice and piano
  • Texts
    • Paco Viciana
  • Text language
    • Castellà
  • Cd
    • Alícia Calzada-Iris (2009)
  • Premiere
    • Banyoles, Teatre Auditori May 9, 2009 Voice: Alícia Calzada Piano: Paco Viciana

Theme included in the record work Iris, project commissioned by the singer Alícia Calzada in 2009.

A work tailored to its voice with 11 songs in Spanish, texts, music and arrangements created specifically for me and adapted to the timbre and the particularity of the voice of this original singer of Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

The Haikus are classic Japanese poems of simple and small structure. They are almost poetic photographs of fleeting moments.

When I met this ancestral poetic form I was quickly attracted, and in fact, I have created musical works on classic Haikus: "The Fallen Flower", "Little Child", "White Camellias" and "Path that finishes" and also created music with the Haikus of the poet and writer of Banyoles Josep Navarro Santaeulàlia in the show "Lake".

The Haikus have always attracted me a lot because I have always been in favor of simplicity in artistic messages, if I can say something deep in three notes, it's better than in four. That is why in this subject I proposed to make a love poem with Haikus, hence its name "Midday's Haikus", since normally I imagine Haikus in moments of quiet and contemplative solitude at sunset or at sunrise, or even at night, but in this theme are images of love to the light.

At the end of the lyrics I manifest my daring of making this lyrics, since I really have no idea of creating Haikus.

A poem of fleeting and luminous love.


Recording of the theme


Haikús de mediodia (Original version)
Junto a tu puerta en un rincón
Se ha levantado un viento
Que ha hecho volar, cuando pasabas, una pluma blanca.
Es el azar, es el azar que juega.
Oigo pasar tu aliento, entre oreja y oreja.
Una flor, que se movió, al tiempo que tus labios.
Sobre tu piel reposa al amanecer, un lienzo de mi piel.
Junto a tu puerta en un rincón
Se ha levantado un viento
Que ha hecho volar, cuando pasabas, la razón y el tiempo.
Cuanta luz que trae la noche.
Cierro mi voz al calor de tu voz.
No hay verdad mas grande que tu.
Mediodía a plena luz.
No hay criatura que en verdad
Llegue a entenderlo todo,
Para empezar, no habría noches ni tampoco días.
Vaya un Haikús me he puesto a hacer,
Yo que no tengo idea.
No me importa nada más
Que verte sin prisas.
Junto a tu puerta en un rincón,
Se me ha perdido un sueño,
El que tu piel me regaló,
Un mediodía en flor.
Midday's Haikus (English translation)
By your door in a corner
a wind has risen
that he made fly, when you passed, a white feather.
It is chance, it is chance that plays.
I hear your breath passing between ear and ear.
A flower, which moved, while your lips.
On your skin lies at dawn, a canvas of my skin.
By your door in a corner
a wind has risen
that has made fly, when you passed, reason and time.
How much light the night brings.
I close my voice to the heat of your voice.
There is no truth greater than you.
Midday in full light.
There is no creature that truly
comes to understand everything,
to get started, there would be no nights or days.
What a Haikus I've been working on,
I have no idea.
I do not care about anything else
To see you without haste.
By your door in a corner,
I have lost a dream,
the one that your skin gave me,
a midday in bloom.
Work included in the shows:
Midday's Haikus (3'40):
  • Voice: Alícia Calzada
  • Drums and percussions: Cidon Trindade
  • Electric bass: Rai Ferrer
  • Piano and keyboards: Paco Viciana 
from Cd Iris (2009)
Score in pdf: