2014-A look back





CD's artistical and technical file:

  • Musical direction: Jordi Piccorelli
  • Orchestra: Orquestra Simfònica Sant Cugat
  • Mixed choir: Coral Càrmina (direction: Daniel Mestre) and Cor Aulos (direction: David Folch)
  • Youth choir: Cor Gran de l'EMMB (direction Lídia Monforte and Nataliya Nesterchuck), Coral Geriona Juvenil and Cor Geriona (direction: Imma Pascual)
  • Mezzo-soprano: Titón Frauca
  • Rhapsode: Miquel Torrent
  • Year of publication: 2014
  • Recording live at Auditorium of Girona on December 19, 2014
  • Recording engineers: Toni París and Carles Xirgo
  • Musical production: Paco Viciana
  • Edition: 44.1



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