2016-Et après ils partent en silence...

Gestural theater show premiered March 4, 2016 in La Planeta in Girona.

In "Et après ils partent en silence..." (And then they leave quietly...) three characters who don't know, are known. They have arrived. They stay for a while. Through their eyes, the human part of everyday life is taught. And then, they leave quietly.

Aïna Rovira, directress and creator of the Melondrum! Theatre company, who conceived this show, comissioned me the creation of the music of four gags of the work.

But actually I created only two works: L'ho perduta and Puppet, as the first one was used with variations in three gags of the work.

The rest of the show music was created by Roman Gottwald, who also did some arrangements in L'ho perduta for the premiere.

Melondrum! Theatre is a theatrical company integrated by Tolgay Pekin, Conor Whelan and Aïna Rovira. The three artists were brought up at l'École Internationale de Théatre Jacques Lecoq, a fisical and gestural theater school of Paris


Melondrum! Theatre





  • Actors: Tolgay Pekin, Conor Whelan and Aïna Rovira
  • Music: Roman Gottwald and Paco Viciana
  • Illumination and stage space: Pablo Paz


  • Poster of the show