1997-Homage concert to Kilar

Concert premiered on 25 October 1997 in the Narcís de Carreras Auditorium of Girona.

Taking advantage to a visit of Polish composer Wojciech Kilar to Girona, famous for his music in films, we organized together with the Musical Film Association Staccato from Figueres a concert with arrangements of his works in the first half of the concert, and the premiere of my work NICKELODEON in the second part of the concert, created specifically for this show.


Conference of Wojciech Kilar before the concert



1st Part:
(Wojciech Kilar arranged by Paco Viciana)

  1. Bram Stoker's Dracula (suite)
  2. Land of promise (vals romantique)
  3. König der letzten tage (suite)
  4. Chrónique des événements amoreux (Witek and Alina)
  5. Death and the Maiden (suite)
  6. Fantome avec chauffeur (Valse des fantomes)
  7. The Portrait of a Lady (suite)

2nd Part:
(Paco Viciana)
NICKELODEON (premiere):

  1. Prelude
  2. Charlot
  3. Darth Vader
  4. Edward Scissorhands
  5. Pluto
  6. King Kong
  7. Citizen Kane
  8. Gilda
  9. E.T.
  10. Blade Runner
  11. Thelma and Louise


Cd Homage to Kilar



  • Violins: Maria Victòria Fernández, José María Fernández
  • Viola: Dolors Casas
  • Cello: Anna Comellas
  • Harp: Abigail Prat
  • Pianos: Pere Puig (first part), Paco Viciana (Nickelodeon) 


With Wojciech Kilar and all the people of the Staccato Association

  • Concert to Kilar