Show premiered on March 7, 2015 in the Auditorium of Banyoles (Girona).

The show Humans aims to be an approach to the particular and peculiar human reality. To that what we believe it means to be a human. We use for this purpose three languages as humans as are music, dance and photography.


In the show takes part the wonderful dancer Alba Carretero, in charge of making the choreography and the dance, and we'll have projected photographs in big screen of the prestigious photographer Tino Soriano, contributor among others of National Geographic and winner of many awards of international photography. The show has been conceived by myself and I'll be playing the piano throughout the show my musical creations.

A humble and daring approach to that what defines us as humans.

You advance our verification which is well portrayed.

Because as one one of the poems that are recited during the show says:

"...Humans are confused and dubious creatures

humble answers to loneliness and boredom.
We seek safety, routine, fun, happiness.
We are cheerful, fearful, determined, creative, sufferers, hesitant, ordinary..., profound..., missing..., stand by...
Because humans...
We are all humans... "

A piano, a pianist, a stage, a dancer, objects, utensils, clothes, light, darkness, movement, stillness, a screen, pictures, heat, cold, remoteness, nearness, truth, lie.

A proposal of three humans send to the rest of humanity that shares with them the same time and the same space

A deep and funny reflection about humanity. 



  1. Gymnastics (HUMANS)
  2. Instantaneous music Nr. 2 (Defects) (HUMANS TRANSIT)
  3. Instantaneous music Nr. 3 (Seduction) (HUMANS CREATE)
  4. Mother whale (THE HUMAN WORLD)
  5. Dawn (Lake) (CURIOUS HUMANITY)
  6. Instantaneous music Nr. 6 (Routine) (HUMANS SEEK)
  7. Instantaneous music Nr. 28 (Identity change) (HAPPY HUMANITY)
  8. And suddenly loneliness (INSATIABLE HUMANITY)
  9. Diari de càmera (RICH HUMANITY)
  10. Diari de càmera (POOR HUMANITY)
  11. Granados (HUMANITY CRYING)
  12. Darling, I love you (HUMANITY IN LOVE)
  14. Instantaneous music Nr. 22 (Good wishes) (HUMANITY THAT LOOKS)
  15. Instantaneous music Nr. 25 (Difficulties) (HUMANITY THAT FIGHTS)
  16. Instantaneous music Nr. 26 (Life as learning) (HUMANITY THAT LEARNS)
  17. Celtic song (premiere) (HUMANS IN DANCE)
  18. Instantaneous music Nr. 32 (Worker woman) (HUMAN CONFLICT)
  19. Valeri (premiere) (HUMANITY, REFLECTS)
  20. Instantaneous music Nr. 65 (Ghandi) (premiere) (THE HUMAN MYSTERY)
  21. Humans (mix) (WE ARE ALL HUMANS)
Cd Humans
  • Idea, photomontage, sound editing, poems, music and piano: Paco Viciana 

  • Choreography and dance: Alba Carretero
  • Photographies: Tino Soriano
  • Design of lights and sound: Marc Paneque (Punt de Fuga)
  • Voice-Over: Aniol Viciana 



  • March 7, 2015 in the Auditorium from Banyoles (premiere).
  • June 3, 2016 in the Auditorium La Mercè from Girona inside the Inund'ART Festival.
  • May 19 to July 28, 2018 Exhibition of the show at Eat-Art Foundation Lluís Coromina from Banyoles.

  • Tino Soriano selection of photographs for the show