2002-Music for the waves 1

Concert premiered on July 18, 2002 in the Viader Auditorium in Girona.

Concert presented by Martí Gironell around some of the works mades specifically ​​for the program that he directed and presented by Catalonia Radio "El pont de les formigues", my series of works for solo piano called "Instantaneous Music", a set of 90 pieces created and performed specifically by me, and intended to be issued by the waves in his first interpretation.

In this concert, which is why I call it "Music for the waves" recovered 20 pieces of the first series and with them I built this unique musical approach.

Later I created another concert based on this series of compositions: Music for the waves 2 (2005).


Martí Gironell


Instantaneous Music (number 1 to 20):

  1. Vices (premiere)
  2. Defects (premiere)
  3. Seduction (premiere)
  4. Driving (premiere)
  5. Final (premiere)
  6. Routine (premiere)
  7. Learning (premiere)
  8. Symbols (premiere)
  9. Cultural exchange (premiere)
  10. Image (premiere)
  11. Homosexuality (premiere)
  12. Information (premiere)
  13. Making way (premiere)
  14. To die (premiere)
  15. The value of things (premiere)
  16. Science (premiere)
  17. Philosophy (premiere)
  18. Treasures (premiere)
  19. Security versus Liberty (premiere)
  20. Solidarity (premiere)



  • Piano: Paco Viciana