2000-Charity concert La Draga

Concert premiered on 25 March 2000 at Municipal Theatre of Banyoles (Girona).

Charity concert with many partners and some other premieres, in order to gain recognition and funding money for a new school without barracks in the neighborhood of the Olympic Village-La Draga in Banyoles. After many years of struggle and protest actions, at the end, we get the new school.


Pere Pau Jiménez



  1. White poem (premiere)
  2. The fallen flower
  3. Little child
  4. Rest (premiere)
  5. Dantza (premiere)
  6. Lorca (selection)
  7. Love to life (selection)
  8. Pluto (Nickelodeon)



  • Percussion: Xavi Rodríguez
  • Actors and singers: Ferran Frauca and Titón Frauca
  • Diatonic accordion and bagpipes: Pere Pau Jiménez
  • Rhapsodist: Santi Falcón
  • Oboe: Paco Castillo
  • Double bass: Pere Coma
  • Piano, voice, psalteri, flute and percussion: Paco Viciana


Municipal Theatre of Banyoles


  • Concert poster