• With Marc Llimargas in Serraduy (the exact place where Marc created the poem)
  • DAG SHANG KAGYU (Buddhist center)

291-Having tea in Nirvana (orchestra version)

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  • Name
    • Taking tea at Nirvana (orchestra version)
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, August/October 2020
  • Duration
    • 17'
  • Instrumentation
    • orchestra and narrator
  • Texts
    • Logsang Thsondrü Pende (Marc Llimargas i Casas)
  • Text language
    • Castellà

Orchestrated version between January and May 2022 for symphony orchestra and narrator of the original for piano and narrator.

The creation of the music of this work was initiated, curiously, the other way around. I first created his last 5 minutes of music, the part it has not recited, and after a visit with Marc Llimargas, the author of the poem that originated the music, in September 2020, I decided to do the musical background that now accompanies the recitation of Marc's original poem.

Marc and I have a very curious mutual story. The first meeting was in Banyoles (Catalonia), in 2001, and we will not meet again until 2019, as that is when he helps me to collect material for my new ambitious musical project: KAMBALA (Dona Spritiualis), a work that as well indicates its name, has spiritual origins, that not meaning religious origins. So we meet again after eighteen years in July 2019 and realize that there is something very special between us.

(With Marc Llimargas in Serraduy (the exact place where Marc created the poem))

Then comes the spring of 2020, the covid-19 pandemic, and Marc creates some WhatsApp groups to meditate on, and I join those groups. It is thanks to this fact that I begin to learn to meditate, and despite the distance and physical separation required for confinement and the pandemic, I finally begin to practice and feel the profound benefits of meditative practice. And thanks to this practice I start to put names and surnames to what for years I felt like a music creator in a purely intuitive way.

Then, in July 2020, Marc has a kind of enlightenment and is born from a single impulse of his pen his poem "Samsara-Nirvana" which he immediately shares with the WhatsApp groups he had recently created. After a while, he proposes to me to make music for it.

And since my deep gratitude to Marc's teachings are wordless, I decide to do it the best way I know how: creating new music, and that's how the work is born, and that's how EVERYTHING begins.

Because after creating the two phases of this work: first the final 5 minutes in August 2020 and then the initial 11 minutes in September, I realize that between the two of us we have created a kind of Mantra, because like no other work of my catalog, the months following its creation I feel the need to listen to it every day in its version with the recitation of Marc.

The creative struggle for me in this work has been not only to generate a piano piece that does not interfere with the trouble-free understanding of the text recited above, but the great challenge was that apart from this original meaning, I wanted the piece to have meaning in itself without the locution, I mean the music had musical and formal meaning as a piece of its own inspired by Marc's poem.

And it is after hearing it for months that one day, to my surprise, the argument for our KAMBALA (Dona Spritiualis) comes to my mind, in a meditation session.

Everything makes sense.

And this is how TAKING TEA IN NIRVANA becomes the beginning of KAMBALA (Dona Spritiualis). We'll see what comes out of it all, but it's a promising creative start.

The works bring you in this website as a musical version and the recitation version in three languages: Spanish (original language of the poem), Catalan and English.

That is why in the VISIONS proposal of my new YouTube channel I use this work in the recited version as a powerful multisensitive mantra for everyone to enjoy:
Playlist VISIONS.

Between January to May 2022 I created a version for symphony orchestra and narrator of this same work: Having tea in Nirvana (version for orchestra and narrator).


Orchestral version (computer reproduction) with recital by Marc Llimargas in Spanish:


Piano solo version:



Original poem (spanish) (FULL) (16 pages) 2€:

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Score for orchetra (English) (196 pages):



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