• Xavi De Caso


Piece for Xavi De Caso.

  • Work
    • 242
  • Name
    • Xavi
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, February 17-18, 2009
  • Duration
    • 4'30
  • Instrumentation
    • piano
  • Cd
    • Xavi (2009)
  • Premiere
    • Barcelona, Sala Jazz Room, La Cova del drac May 29, 2009 Piano: Paco Viciana

Commission for my friend who disappeared recently, Jaime De Caso, with whom we had done many things together, since he was passionate about singing and musicals.

Jaume and I met at the premiere of the musical Don Quijote of la Mancha that I directed musically and where he acted and sang, but also with him and for him I created the song Eyes that premiered it in the show Poetic concert to the Woman, among many other collaborations that we carry out over the years.

Time passed and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of his son Xavi ordered me a piano piece for this purpose. So was born this work.

Xavi was premiered during the beautiful birthday party organized by his father in the saloon La Cova del drac of Barcelona.

A wish for everyone to love each other like Xavi and his father did.

Rest in peace friend.

Xavi (4'27):

  • Piano: Paco Viciana
from Cd Xavi (2009)
Score in pdf: