209-The dreams dome (Ballet)

Salvador Dalí dancing.

  • Work
    • 209
  • Name
    • The dreams dome (Ballet)
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, February 2004
  • Duration
    • 30'
  • Instrumentation
    • flute, tenora, tuba, trombone, drums and piano
  • Parts
    • 1) Salvador and Dalí 2) Eggs and bread 3) Mae West 4) Gala ("Galatea from the spheres") 5) Palace of the winds 6) "Looking through the window" 7) The colors of the palette 8) Soft Watches ("The persistence of memory") 9) Final surrealism
  • Cd
    • 5 years on stage (2005)
  • Premiere
    • Figueres, Teatre Municipal El Jardí September 10, 2004 Tenora: Jordi Molina Flute: Esteve Zulet Trombone/Fiscorn: Emilio Bayarri Tuba: Pep Moliner Drums: Enric Canada Piano: Paco Viciana
  • Premiere (adaptation)
    • Banyoles, Auditorium November 23, 2015 Tenora: Jordi Molina Drums: Cidon Trindade Bass: Llenç Pujol Piano: Paco Viciana

Music for the ballet with the same name, comission of group Mediterrània Dansa from Figueres in commemoration of Dali's Year 2004, around the works of the catalan painter Salvador Dalí.

The ballet makes a journey through some of the most emblematic works of the catalan paintor, such as "Eggs and bread", "Galatea from the spheres", "The persistance of memory" or the room in Dalí's Museum dedicated to Mae West among many others. Under the dome that presides Dalí's Museum it opens a world of colors, sensations and dreams which shows his work and life. Toghether we will see a small fragment of this world, at the same time we'll discover the moment in which Salvador decides live as Dalí.

The argument is based on an hipothetic dream lived by a young Dalí, where consecrated Dalí appears to him in dreams, showing him future works he is destined to create. And so the works, which will make Dalí, are danced in front of a surprised Salvador. The show ends with a kind of final surrealistic collage, in which Salvador dismisses Dalí to prepare oneself to wake up and continue enjoying his youth, knowing more clearly what he ends up being: Salvador Dalí, the painter.

Although the original conception of the work is a ballet, it can be perfectly interpreted as a concert.

The music was recorded in the recording studio 44.1 of Aiguaviva, for use it during the tour of the show, but the first performance of the ballet was done live.  

Work included in the shows:



  • Direction and choreography: Ariadna Bassols
  • Musical direction and composition: Paco Viciana
  • Costume and scenography: Carles Solé and Gemma Estragués
  • Lighting design: Jordi Surroca
  • Audiovisual design: Jordi Rubio
  • Graphic idea: Marc Corcoy
  • Choreographic interpretation: Esbart Mediterrània - Mediterrània Jove

 The dreams dome (original version) (30'):

1) Salvador and Dalí (3'09)



Salvador goes quietly to bed (Salvador-flute). It is time to end the day which apparently has been like any other. But night can be magical... An oddball approaches (Dalí-tenor), it is familiar but has trouble recognizing who it is. He says he has to show something special: “Come, come here... under this dome everything will seem different”. Suddenly and surprisingly different objects and strange characters start moving through the room:
2) Eggs and bread (3'23)
3) Mae West (3'49)
4) Gala (“Galatea from the spheres”) (3'04)
5) Palace of the Winds (2'22)
6) “Looking through the window” (3'39)
7) The colors of the palette (4'46)
8) Soft Watches (“The Persistence of Memory”) (2'49)
9) Final surrealism (2'09)
A crazy dream where appear all protagonist characters of the particular dream. The work ends with last piano nothes, and with Dali's signature on the screen, while a dancer who represented young Dalí (Salvador) forms the same stroke in the air.
...All turned out to be a dream, but what a dream!!! Now he knows for clear, from today he'll live to be DALÍ.
  • Tenor: Jordi Molina
  • Flute: Esteve Zulet
  • Trombone/Flugelhorn: Jordi Giménez
  • Tuba: Pep Moliner
  • Drums: Cidon Trindade
  • Piano: Paco Viciana
  • Studio technician: Toni París
  • Technical assistant: Carles Xirgo
  • Recorded, mixed and masterized at 44.1 Recording Studio of Aiguaviva 2004
Score (original versió) (FULL) (308 pages) 15€:

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Later I made a suite about the same abllet for tenor, drums, electric bass and piano.

This suite was created specifically for the show Collaborators concert of 2013 in the auditorium of Banyoles, to celebrate my 25 years of professional dedication to music. Jordi Molina (tenor) and Cidon Trindade (drums) who premiered the suite of The dreams dome in this concert, also were part of the musicians that recorder the original work in 2005.

In this case was added the bass of Llenç Pujol.

The dreams dome (Suite-trio) (8'30):



  • Tenor: Jordi Molina
  • Drums: Cidon Trindade
  • electric bass: Llenç Pujol
  • Piano: Paco Viciana
  • Sound: Toni París
Collaborators concert in the auditorium of Banyoles on November 23, 2013.
Score (Suite-Trio) (FULL) (66 pages) 10€:

Free Preview Download:



And I also made an arrangement for cobla, piano, flute and drums of the whole ballet:

The dreams dome (version for cobla, flute and drums) (30'):




Score (flute, drums, piano and cobla version) (FULL) (396 pages) 15€:

Free Preview Download:



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