• Ravi, protagonist of the documentary. The best kept secret of Patricia Ferreira

224-Your smile, heart

Love and compassion.

  • Work
    • 224
  • Name
    • Your smile, heart
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, January 2007
  • Duration
    • 4'50
  • Instrumentation
    • voice and piano
  • Texts
    • Paco Viciana
  • Text language
    • Castilian
  • Cd
    • Alícia Calzada-Iris (2009)
  • Premiere
    • Banyoles, Teatre Auditori May 9, 2009 Voice: Alícia Calzada Piano: Paco Viciana

Theme included in the record work Iris, project commissioned by the singer Alícia Calzada in 2009.

A work tailored to its voice with 11 songs in Spanish, texts, music and arrangements created specifically for me and adapted to the timbre and the particularity of the voice of this original singer of Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

During the time when I was creating all the music for the Cd Iris, my oldest son, Aniol, came home one day with a DVD from school with five documentaries of five different directors. The DVD was called "In the world every time". Produced by the social theme production company Your eyes, in collaboration with Unicef. Each of these five small documentaries is aimed at raising awareness of the problems faced by many children due to problems of poverty or diseases in many parts of the developing world.

Specifically, the first of them: "The best kept secret" from directress Patricia Ferreira hit me deeply.

It is a real story that perhaps is happening right now and is situated in a crude and real way in India of the social problems of the AIDS patients. In this case it addresses the problem of Ravi, a boy of about 8 years old who has lost both parents because of this disease, and now lives with his grandmother. He goes to a school very far from home because according to his grandmother, it is the best in the area, but every day the child has to walk many kilometers to reach this school.

The child, like any other kid, wants to play and interact with his fellows, but their parents don't let them, because they suspect that he is carrying AIDS, and so he ends up being. The fatal inheritance of his dead parents. His grandmother must spend a lot of money on expensive medicines to try to fight this disease, but they are very poor, and can't cover everything. At the end of the course, at the Ravi's school, they organize a party that has the child very excited, and wants to wear a well polished suit for this party. The grandmother has to make the harsh decision to manage the little money available between buying expensive medicines that don't ensure the cure of the child, or making him happy buying the suit. Finally, she makes the harsh decision to make his beloved grandson happy, and then face his death in an inescapable way. She decides to make him happy and hide the drama of the moment, to protect him and because of love.

And that's what this song is about, about this hard and heartbreaking story, full of love and compassion.

I invite you to first visualize the documentary, which lasts no more than 19 minutes (I use the link next to it), and then listen to the music that inspired me.

In the lyrics of this theme, we feel like the grandmother talks to her grandchild about everything she will do for him, because in his last days of life, he is happy.

A deep and compassive love song.


Recording the theme


Tu sonrisa corazón (Original version) 
Cuéntame amor tus penas,
no quiero verte llorar,
que el mundo es para ti, mi amor.
Cuéntame tus penas.
Cuando tu naciste renació la esperanza,
no veíamos la luz desde el día que entró el miedo.
Una sombra de sospecha, una nube negra.
Cada vez que recuerdo a tus papás enfermos,
te miro a los ojos corazón, tu tienes tanto de los dos.
Ahora duerme mi amor,
tu abuelita ahuyentará toda nube negra.
Adiós mi amor.
Tu sonrisa me da calor, yo no voy a darte llanto.
En mi corazón tu luz siempre brillará. Tu me das valor.
Cuéntame amor tus penas,
no quiero verte llorar,
que el mundo es para ti, mi amor.
Cuéntame tus penas.
Cuéntame tus sueños,
yo siempre estaré aquí.
Nubes blancas, horizontes de jazmín.
No quiero que el dolor se instaure en tu corazón.
Cuéntame tus sueños, los tendrás antes de partir, mi amor.
Your smile, heart (English version)
Tell me, love, your sorrows.
I don't want to see you cry,
that the world is for you, my love.
Tell me your sorrows.
When you were born, hope was reborn,
We didn't see the light from the day that the fear entered.
A shadow of suspicion, a black cloud.
Every time I remember your sick parents,
I look into your eyes my heart, you have so much of both.
Now sleep my love
your grandmother will chase away any black cloud.
Goodbye my love.
Your smile gives me heat, I'm not going to give you tears.
In my heart your light will always shine. You give me courage.
Tell me, love, your sorrows.
I don't want to see you cry,
That the world is for you, my love.
Tell me your sorrows.
Tell me your dreams,
I will always be here.
White clouds, jasmine horizons.
I don't want the pain settling in your heart.
Tell me your dreams, you will have them before leaving, my love.
Work included in the shows:
Your smile, heart (4'42):
  • Voice: Alícia Calzada
  • Drums and percussions: Cidon Trindade
  • Electric bass: Rai Ferrer
  • Piano and keyboards: Paco Viciana 

from Cd Iris (2009)


Score in pdf: