• El pollo Tejada by Josep Maria de Togores

078-El Pollo Tejada (Suite)

what a guy "el Pollo"

  • Work
    • 078
  • Name
    • El Pollo Tejada (Suite)
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, December 1996
  • Duration
    • 8'40
  • Instrumentation
    • piano
  • Premiere
    • Girona, Narcís de Carreras Auditorium December 18, 1996 Piano: Paco Viciana

Abstract in the form of Suite of the original music for the second part of a black and white film of the year 1917 of Josep Maria de Togores (the first part hasn't been found yet), recovered in a secondhand market by chance by a fan of the cinema and ceded to the Foundation Museum of the cinema of Girona. This same entity made me the commission to compose a music for its visualization in the auditorium Narcís de Carreras of Girona on December 18 of 1996.

Work included in the show Soundtracks concert 1 (1997)

El Pollo Tejada (Suite) (8'34):



Score in pdf (Suite):

El Pollo Tejada (Full version) (27'38):



  • Piano: Paco Viciana


Score in pdf (Full version):