005-I have seen my soul in dreams...


  • 005
  • I have seen my soul in dreams... (Piano version)
City and date
  • Barcelona, April 1985
  • 7'
  • piano and rhapsody
  • Antonio Machado
Text language
  • Castilian
  • Besalú, Church of Sant Julià (Municipal Theater) July 12, 1992 Rapsody: Tin López Piano: Paco Viciana

Particular comission of an eurythmy dancer of Barcelona, wich I don't remember her name. 

Eurythmy is a dance discipline consisting of moving with total precision and harmony with the notes and rythms that music proposes.

The musical proposal is inspired in a poem of Antonio Machado, and about it, and dividing it in parts, I make raids with the piano and the rhapsody. The rhapsody reciting the text of the poem has to be perfectly coordinated, too, so the dancing squares with the proposal.

The poem of Antonio Machado is the following:

I have seen my soul in dreams...
In ethereal space
Where worlds revolve,
a crazy star, a quick comet
with red hair
on fire
I have seen my soul in dreams
as a silver river,
of curly slow waves 
that flow snoozing...
Perhaps my soul has
giggly light field,
and its fragance arrive
from there, from clear depth...
I have seen my soul in dreams...
It was a flat desert
and a dry and broken tree
towards the white road.


Work included in the show Collaborators concert (1992).


I have seen my soul in dreams:

Score in pdf: