The first love

  • 002
  • Irene
City and date
  • Barcelona, February 1981
  • 3'30
  • piano

The first two works of my catalog wear woman's name because already in my early I notice that I comunicated better with sounds than with words. 

And the second time was the charm, as Irene was my first love

I still remember as if it was today, the nerves and the uneasiness the day I got her to listen to this piece at home, while I was playing it at the piano. In front of her! What boldness! What audacity!

Two teenagers discovering together love, unforgettable. 

At that time she answered mi no, but after some months we started what was my first love relationship.

We enjoyed two years of relationship and after circunstances of life we separated. 

But this work perdures and it remembers me those intense moments of my vital transit. Thanks to her I stated my feelings in a clearer and deeper way than with words. And I got what my heart yearned. Thanks Music!

At the time I already understood that this wonderful language would take part of me as the air I breath everyday. 

Irene (5'14):



  • Piano: Paco Viciana


Score in pdf: