The first attempt

  • Work
    • 001
  • Name
    • Maite
  • City and date
    • Barcelona, January 1980
  • Duration
    • 3'30
  • Instrumentation
    • piano

First play of the catalog, and first play with woman's name.

I already knew I would use musical language for what is most important in my life, and what is more important for a 17 year old boy?, the love of his beloved. 

But the paradox is that this first piece, which was intended to the person I loved, wasn't even listened by her, that woman who made vibrate my heart so that she provoked the creation of my first musical work, I didn't dare. Teen shame things. 

And she obviously has never known that this song is dedicated to her. 

First-ever attempt of musical comunication in my life. 

Maite (2'24):



  • Piano: Paco Viciana


Score in pdf: