282-Howls to the Lake


  • Work
    • 282
  • Name
    • Howls to the Lake
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, Setember/October 2017
  • Duration
    • 5'
  • Instrumentation
    • Cobla
  • Premiere
    • Banyoles, La Draga October 23, 2017 Cobla: Selvatana

Sardana commissioned by the Promotion of the Sardana of Banyoles, to pay tribute to my good friend Josep Maria Massip, a great lover of nature and, in particular, the world of wolves.

Plot plot of the work:

In the shorts of the sardana (first bars, between the beginning and the first sign of repetition, 37 bars) we first see a group of unconcerned wolf pups playing among them.

The mother of the puppies arrives and the rest of the section is a mixture between the endless playful eagerness of the little puppys and the unconditional and tender love of the wolf mother.

The lengths (bars included between the first sign of repetition and the end of the work, 67 bars) begin when we hear the aches of the adults of the herd imitated by tibles, tenors and trumpets.

Next we hear how some of them has detected a possible rush approaching the area they dominate. Then, the whole alert and coordinated herd comes out in search of food.

Howls to the Lake:   



  • Cobla: La Selvatana
  • Musical Direction: Jesús Santaliestra
Concert in La Draga from Banyoles, el October 23, 2017.
Score in pdf:
Premiere of the work - Cobla Selvatana - Musical Direction: Jesús Santaliestra