• Work
    • 257
  • Name
    • Elektro-Konzert
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, September 2011/March 2012
  • Duration
    • 27'
  • Instrumentation
    • orchestra and electric violin
  • Parts
    • I. Presto (Edison), II. Largo (Radio), III. Andante (Rock n' Roll), IV. Allegro (Computer)

Very curious work of my catalog because of different aspects:

First- Concert for violin soloist and orchestra, but with the particularity that the solo violin must be an electric violin.

Second-Each movement has a name that identifies it in some way with electricity: Edison-Radio-Rock and Roll-Computer

1st movement: Edison
Thomas Alva Edison is not the discoverer of electricity, but it is the clear reference when we think of an incandescent light bulb, which Edison gave the final push to convert it to what we now know and use daily on the planet. The image of a light bulb is also associated with the creation of an idea, or in the same creation, because everything is born of a single idea and ends up developing in different ways..

2nd movement: Radio
One of the results of Edison's inventions was the mass diffusion of radio as a tool of popular and global communication, characteristic of the modern Western world. The preludes of this movement refer to the fluctuating waves that travel through space in a magical way and take us inside our house all kinds of sonorities.

3rd movement: Rock and Roll
Tribute to this music style so popular and energetic, born of the blues as a representation of pain and despair and which become an icon of fun, strength and almost infinite creativity. This musical style indisputably spread by radio waves around the world, we may like it or not, but everyone knows it, and once you have felt attracted by its intensity and courage.

4th movement: Computer
The computer gives us a new tool of communication and complexity hidden under the keyboard, the screen and the mouse. Compendium of accessibility and technical complexity, the computer has become overnight an essential device in all areas of our society.

Third-The musical structure is very particular, since it consists of 23 preludes and a fugue distributed throughout the whole work, each in a different tonality. And also the concert leaves its traditional structure in three movements to become a solo concert in four movements.

Fourth-In the third movement of the work I give the possibility to the solo violin to improvise.

The work was destined to a violinist friend of mine who dominated the art of the electric violin well, the Bulgarian violinist Ivo Dechkoff, but we have lost contact, reason why the work remains to be released.

An electric work, tremendously rich in ideas and frenetic, rhythmically daring, where I propose to use a different effect in each of its 24 parts and that surely will not leave anyone indifferent.


Elektro-Konzert (27')
1st movement EDISON (6'34):
2nd movement RADIO (8'44):
3rd movement ROCK AND ROLL (5'):
4th movement COMPUTER (6'23):
Score in pdf: