256-Concerto etereo

Concert for flute and harp.

  • Work
    • 256
  • Name
    • Concerto etereo
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, March/August 2011
  • Duration
    • 20'
  • Instrumentation
    • orchestra, flute and harp soloists
  • Parts
    • I. Allegro, II. Largo, III. Presto

Concert for orchestra with harp and flute as solo instruments.

This work was expressly created for the instrumental duo Abigail Prat (harp) and Albert Mora (flute), an instrumental duo that premiered previously my Noncromatic prelude, also created expressly for these two excellent soloists. 


Abigail Prat and Albert Mora

The name of the concert wants to convey the volatile characteristic of these two instruments together, but the concert transports us throughout its 20 minutes through very electrifying and vital moments. Melodic lyricism is present throughout the concert.

The interpretive difficulty of the work lies in the sound balance between the solo duet and the orchestra, while the timbre that must be achieved must be sweet and tender, but without losing weight nor presence. In very specific moments as in the last movement, the rhythmic precision is essential, and then the precise and light sonority is absolutely necessary to achieve what this work requires.

The second movement of the work proposes that the two timbral structures participating in the work, the orchestra and the soloists, fight in two sonorities in appearance completely separated, for in the end of the movement to go back together, hence it is essential to have very in account the sound in the interpretation of this movement, this is clearly the ethereal movement of the work.

Concert in traditional structure in three movements.


Concerto etereo (20'19)
Score in pdf: