• Barcelona 1714

266-Careta TV (OST TV3 Serie)

TV3 Serie "300".

  • Work
    • 266
  • Name
    • Careta TV (OST-TV3 Serie)
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, June 2013
  • Duration
    • 3'20
  • Instrumentation
    • orchestra

Music commissioned to make the television series "300", a series of six television episodes commemorating the 300 years of the fall of Barcelona during the war of succession in 1714. Television Series of the director Joan Gallifa.

I offered two different musical proposals to each other (the reference that was given to me was the music of the mask of the famous American television series Games of Trones) for the entry mask of the series, but neither was accepted.


Careta TV (BSO) (3'20):

-Proposal 1 (1'40):

Score in pdf (proposal 1):


-Proposal 2 (1'43):

Score in pdf (proposal 2):

  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana