You've just been discreetly by my side.

  • Work
    • 255
  • Name
    • Discreetly
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, March 2011
  • Duration
    • 5’15
  • Instrumentation
    • soprano, two mezzosoprano and alto.
  • Texts
    • Paco Viciana
  • Text language
    • Catalan

Work commissioned, together with its sister Catalallanos, for the female voice group LES SIXTERS. 

Created to be sung a capella, without any musical instrument, with a group of six singers on four voices. The work wasn't well received by the same SIXTERS, and in the end they did not use it. And it really is a work with a great complexity, difficult to carry out. A more complex work in every sense of what I had originally planned to do.

It talks about a relationship between two people (I don't specify sex, age, nor emotional attachment), one of which is kept discreetly next to the other, waiting for that other person to do his vital quest to finish coming back to his side. A relationship of understanding and patience, open to all kinds of possibilities: friends, brothers, spouses, etc. A I wait patiently for life to return to my side, without forcing anything, without expecting anything in return, and without any reproach. Making a clear reference to listening.

As you see, a complex work in several meanings, not only musical.


Discreetly (Original version)
Travessant els records de mil batecs,
et veig a tu que sense dir res,
m’empenys a escoltar-te.
Simplement has estat al meu costat
Sento com tu has travessat tots els meus records
mentre jo seia davant teu,
imaginant com la meva vida, lluny del meu control,
fugia d’aquell lloc.
Més tard, molt més tard quan vaig aprendre a escoltar,
tu encara hi eres darrere el meu banc, dissimulant,
com si no hagués marxat mai.
He voltat el mon buscant respostes i una espurna de claror,
i ara torno al teu davant.
I és senzill, ja m’ho deies somrient:
si no mires no veuràs mai res.
Quan em giro veig que tu sempre has estat.
Discreetly (English translation)
Going through the memories of a thousand beats,
I see you without saying anything,
You push me to listen to you.

You've just been by my side.

I feel like you have gone through all my memories
While I was sitting before you,
Imagining how my life, far from my control,
He fled from that place.


Later, much later when I learned to listen,
You were still behind my bench, hiding,
As if he had never gone.

I have surrounded the world looking for answers and a spark of light,
And now I return to your forehead.

And it's simple, you told me with a smile:
If you do not, you will not see anything.

When I turn around I see that you have always been.
Discreetly (5'20):
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