207-The look of the seagull

We go over the water.

  • Work
    • 207
  • Name
    • The look of the seagull
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, March 2004
  • Duration
    • 6’20
  • Instrumentation
    • choir, children choir, flute and piano
  • Texts
    • Núria Esponellà
  • Text language
    • Catalan
  • Cd
    • Water Nymphs-The show (2013)
  • Premiere
    • Torroella de Montgrí, College San Gabriel October 2, 2004 Rapsode: Núria Esponellà Choirs: Vergelitana Coral and Choir of the Sant Gabriel School Musical direction: Ramón Joanmiquel

To mark the centenary of the creation of school Sant Miquel de Torroella de Montgrí, in 2004, I was asked to do a similar work as my previous work "Heart waves" I had created recently and which Ramón Joanmiquel, professor of this school and director of his coral, got known and liked him.

For this reason, I proposed them to make a work around the poems of poet Núria Esponellà who I already knew and that furthermore she was student of this school. She liked the idea, and Núria Esponellà herself was the rhapsodist of her texts the day of the premiere. So was this work born.


Núria Esponellà

I instrumentalized the original work for flute, piano, mixed choir and childrens choir, and the day of the premiere of the work at the school Sant Miquel we cut the central part of the work claiming lack of time to have it ready in a satisfactory way, that is why when I adapted the work for female choir, violin and piano for the show Water Nymphs in 2013 it was premiered in its full version,as I originally created it.


Texts of the work:

Original version


Enfonso els peus al caire d’una onada,
alço el calze sagrat del teu sol vell,
menjo el pa d’àngel de la teva llum;
te’m lliuro, mar.
Nen que t’ensorres
arrebossat d’arena i rialler,
caus i et descalces
les ulleres de bus, llançant-te a trenc
d’una onada voraç.
Entrena’t a nedar sense cap salvavides
en l’aigua que et capbussa dins l’areny
jugant a decantar-te. Avesa-t’hi
perquè quan els teus peus no toquin terra
i et xucli la glopada del dolor
siguis capaç de guanyar-li aquest pols.
Qui no instal·la la casa en lloc incert?
La marxa és llarga, abunden les cruïlles.
Anem damunt les aigües i seguim
no pas altre vial que els solcs d’escuma.
Translated verision
I sink the feet after falling from a wave,
I raise the sacred chalice of your old sun,
as the bread of your light angel;
I give it to you, sea.
Boy you bury you
battered sand and smiling,
you fall and you take off
the bus glasses, lunging at bay
a voracious wave.
Train yourself to swim without a lifeguard
in water that plunges you into the sand 
playing to decant. Get used
because when your feet do not touch ground
and you suck the breath of pain
you are able to beat this pulse.
Who does not install the house in uncertain site?
The march is long, crosses abound.
We go over the water and and continue
no other way that the grooves foam.
Work included in the show Water Nymphs (The show) (2013)
The look of the seagull (version for female voices, violin and piano, for the show Water Nymphs) (6'22):
  • Voices: Montserrat Cristau, Maite Mer, Imma Presas, Glòria Garcés, Vera Krasnoperaova and Georgina Reyner
  • Violin: Eszter Schütz
  • Piano: Anna Cassú
Concert at Municipal Theater of Girona on February 10, 2013
Score in pdf (version for female voices, violin and piano):
The look of the seagull (original version for flute, piano, mixed choir and childrens choir) (6'19):
Score in pdf (original version for flute, piano, mixed choir and childrens choir):