• Elena Martinell in the role of the Witch Estruga

274-Ai, Ai Estruga

I will have to leave.

  • Work
    • 274
  • Name
    • Ai, Ai Estruga
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, November 11, 2014
  • Duration
    • 0'40
  • Instrumentation
    • soprano, flutes, clarinet and piano
  • Texts
    • Paco Viciana
  • Text language
    • Catalan
  • Cd
    • Witches Alley (2015)
  • Premiere
    • Sant Gregori, La Pineda January 18, 2015 Voices: Elena Martinell and Meritxell Yanes

Song for the show Witches Alley of the theater group PocaCosa Teatre, a children's show of fantastic character for all audiences.

The show explains that the Witches have been thrown out of all the towns of Catalonia and have settled in the WITCHES ALLEY of Cervera. In each house there lives more than one and each one of them has a story to tell us. But to be able to live you must be a professional witch! The Witch Estruga arrives with the intention of passing the tests to be able to stay but has the bad luck to arrive just at the Great day! And for dessert, unlike all the others, she sings opera. How will she do?

The themes created by this children's show are:



-Ai, Ai, Estruga
At the end the theme Sing was rejected to use it in the show, although Ai, Ai, Estruga is the central part of the theme Sing.

The actress and singer that interprets the role of the Witch Estruga in the show is Elena Martinell, good friend and collaborator of mine, and she has a very high soprano voice, so the theme is very high.


Ai, Ai Estruga (Original version)

Ai ai ai ai Estruga,
Ai ai ai ja m'han fet fora,
Ai ai ai ai Estruga,
ai que del carreró
em tocarà marxar.
Ai, Ai Estruga (English translation)
Ai ai ai ai Estruga,
Ai ai ai I've already been kicked out,
Ai ai ai ai Estruga,
ai that from the alley
I'll have to leave.
Witches Alley


Work included in the show Witches Alley (2015)


Ai, Ai Estruga (0'38):
  • Voice: Elena Martinell
  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana

from Cd Witches Alley (2015)


Score in pdf:




  • Direction: Toni Albà
  • Direction assistant: David Planas
  • Actresses/singers: Elena Martinell, Meritxell Yanes
  • Text: Meritxell Yanes i Toni Albà
  • Musical composers: Faló Garcia, Carles Cors, Paco Viciana and Salvador Garcia
  • Sound space creation: Salvador Garcia
  • Scenography and dressing: Art Estudi (David Faüchs and Fanny Espinet)
  • Choreographies: Neus Masó
  • Technical design:  David Planas
  • Graphic design: Àrtic Studio (Gerard Yanes)
  • Photos: Imma de Batlle and Carles Palacio
  • Video: Carles Palacio, Josep Sarquella and Marta Calvín
  • Video edition and production: Martí Navarro and Marta Calvín
Witches Alley