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126-The island of women (boys choir version)

The first sunlight.

  • Work
    • 126
  • Name
    • The island of women (boys choir version)
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, December 2001
  • Duration
    • 2'30
  • Instrumentation
    • choir and piano
  • Texts
    • Paco Viciana
  • Text language
    • Catalan-Castilian
  • Cd
    • Geriona-The voice made emotion (2014)
    • Collaborators Concert (2013)
    • Water Nymphs-The show (2013)
  • Premiere
    • La Bisbal d'Empordà, VI Music Festival, Church of the Franciscan Convent. August 7, 2004 Voices: Vox6 Piano: Paco Viciana

Version for boys choir of the original work for piano and female choir premiered in 2004.

The origin of the work dates year 2001 when, in a concert in Banyoles of a childrens choir, a beautiful russian traditional theme called "Mama" hits me. By the end of the concert I tell to the choir director, David Costa, a good friend of mine, that I am about to create a theme expressly for them, which I want to gift to them.

Besides, by the same dates I'm very impressed to know a tale of a real story about an island in Cambodia called Koh Kor, near Tonle Bassac River, where a Dutch ONG wants to make a proyect to reserve this small island, only and exclusively for being habitated by women with a past with gender abuse, prostitution or any sexual abuses. An island to give the opportunity to rebuild lives of this women marked by gender violence. 


Premiere of the work - Vox 6

The lyrics wants to visualize the thoughts of one of these women inhabitants of the island, where she recalls her terribly hard past and decides not to pass on to her children all the pain and bitterness that the male sex has made her live throughout her life. The firm desire of a mother who allows her children the possibility of a hopeful future.

And with these two impulses, the musical and literal, The island of women is born.

But unfortunately the work doesn't start well, because for reasons not yet completely clear, once I deliver the finished work for children's choir and piano to the children's choir to whom it was intended, it isn't well accepted and they don't want to incorporate it into their repertoire. And so the work, just born, is relegated to silence.

It takes a few years, specifically till 2004, for the work to see the light, since it is known by a good friend and collaborator of mine: Imma Pascual. Immediately she is captivated by the work and manages to premiere it with a group of female voices that she directed then: the Vox 6.

And in this concert, the work succeeds in impressing the audience, and thus begins his life trajectory. But the strong promotional blow does not come until 2013 in the highly successful Catalonian Television program called Oh Happy Day the director of the Geriona choir that participates in this Catalan choir contest, and that is none other than Imma Pascual, decides to use it in one of its televised programs. The direction of the program puts all kinds of obstacles, but the commitment of Imma makes that they can interpret it in direct and that also obtains a great success of public and of critic. In addition the same choir Geriona, incorporate the work in his new CD "The voice made emotion" and in his tour, accumulating with each step that gives new followers.


Geriona - Oh Happy Day

And so it is that throughout these years, I have made various arrangements for this work, including an arrangement for orchestra, and I have also done a translation into Spanish of its lyrics, since a choir on the island of La Palma was interested in singing it.

A work full of emotion that I have a special affection. I rejoice that today, it hasn't stayed sadly inside my head and it's known by many other people. But the fate of each and every one of my works once born is always a mystery. Its acceptance or rejection is part of its destiny. We must accept it and continue to create and fight for it, it's my passion, and this passion I have made it my trade.



L'illa de les dones (original version)
La primera llum del sol
la rescata d’un mal son
on hi viuen els records.
El destí l'ha conduït
a un paradís
amb malsons a dins la pell.
Mirant-se els seus cadells
no entén per què,
a dins d’un mateix cor,
poden créixer sentiments de ràbia i por
juntament amb els d’amor.
Ella sap que lluitarà
perquè els fills del seu amor
mai no tastin l’amargor.
Ara pot veure la llum
que el seu destí
li dibuixa aquest matí.
Una llum.
La isla de las mujeres (Spanish version)
La primera luz del sol
le recuerda al despertar,
todo lo que ha de olvidar.
El destino ha rescatado de su piel,
este nuevo amanecer.
De su piel.
Le cuesta entender tanto dolor.
No espera comprender
que convivan en un mismo corazón,
tanto odio y tanto amor.
Tanto amor.
Ella se ha propuesto dar
a los hijos de su amor,
un futuro sin rencor.
No pensaba que al final pudiese hallar,
tanta paz al despertar.
Una luz.
The island ow women (English translation)

The first sunlight
reminds him when he wakes up,
everything he has to forget.

Fate has rescued from his skin,
this new dawn.
From his skin.

He has difficulty understanding so much pain.
Do not expect to understand
that live in the same heart,
both hate and so much love.
So much love.

She has set out to give
to the children of his love,
a future without rancor.

He did not think that in the end he could find,
So much peace upon awakening.

A light.

Imma Pascual
Work included in the shows:
The island of women (original version for choir and piano) (2'32):

  • Coral: Cor Geriona
  • Piano: Paco Viciana
  • Direction: Imma Pascual
Collaborators concert at the auditorium of Banyoles on November 23, 2013
from Cd Collaborators concert (2013)
The island of women (original version for choir and piano) (2'03):
  • Coral: Cor Geriona
  • Piano: Marc Piqué
  • Direction: Imma Pascual
The island of women (original version for choir and piano) (2'26):
  • Voices: Montserrat Cristau, Maite Mer, Imma Presas, Glòria Garcés, Vera Krasnoperaova and Georgina Reyner
  • Piano: Anna Cassú
Concert at Municipal Theater of Girona on February 10, 2013.
Score in pdf (original version for choir and piano):
The island of women at the Catalan Parlament with Geriona
The island of women (version for orchestra and choir) (2'47):


Score in pdf (version for orchestra and choir):



The island of women (version for a capella choir) (2'47):


Score in pdf (version for a capella choir - lyrics in catalan):

Score in pdf (version for a capella choir - lyrics in castillian):



The island of women (version for boys choir) (2'47):


Score in pdf (version for boys choir):


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