028-Making all that we imagine

Life speaks to you if you listen to it.

  • Work
    • 028
  • Name
    • Making all that we imagine
  • City and date
    • Besalú, March 1989
  • Duration
    • 4'
  • Instrumentation
    • piano and voice
  • Texts
    • Paco Viciana
  • Text language
    • Catalan
  • Premiere
    • Besalú, Church of Sant Julià (Municipal Theater) October 10, 1989 Vocals for children Piano: Paco Viciana

Throughout the 10 years that I have been a teacher and director of Besalú School of Music "El Sol Fa La Vida", a school that I created in 1987 and I left in the hands of other colleagues in 1997, where I created all kinds of incentives and inventions in order to make the heavy learning of musical language fun and effective, like classic games adapted to musical learning: boat games, handkerchief games, dice games, etc., or ending each class by singing something modern such as Beatles songs, among many of the initiatives launched in that pedagogical era of my musical career.

And of course, I also made as composer, creating several songs with the aim of singing them in music classes, and so the following themes of my then fresh catalog of compositions were born:

-Musical elf
-Fair's terror
-We'll wait for you
-Making all that we imagine
-Looking for the golden star

At that time I also directed the parish choir of Besalú, so I also used some of these themes in his repertoire.


Fent tot allò que imaginem (original version)
Hi ha un estel que amb el seu llum,
ens pot il·luminar el camí
per on tots passarem,
i que amb el seu reflex podrem
veure la llum dels nostres cors,
i així veurem un món millor.
Tens un fort anhel d’amor
que et crida cada nit, somiant,
quan tot sembla aturat.
Un llum que ens il·lumina en la nit.
Ens diu que hi ha més d’un estel,
i jo se d’un en el teu cor.
Si un estel i una anima plena,
s’han encès per fer-te somriure,
no els trepitgis, pensa que son teus,
i saluda el nostre Deu per fer-nos veure el sol.
Si el somriure d’un nen, et far veure
que la vida diu sempre si mires,
no t’ho pensis, corre i ja veuràs,
com el teu desig d’amor encara no ha passat.
El teu amor encara no ha passat.
Un dia gran jo crec vindrà, si tots creiem que l’amor
ens pot fer veure els núvols sota el sol.
No és un desig que penso sol, jo se que tots ho volem,
dons vinga tots cantem al nostre Deu.
Making all that we imagine (English translation)
There is a star that with its light,
can light the way
where we will all pass,
and that with its reflection we can
see the light of our hearts,
and thus we will see a better world.
You have a strong desire for love
that calls you every night, dreaming,
When everything seems stopped.
A lamp that lights us at night.
it tells us that there is more than one star,
and I know one in your heart.
If a full star and a soul,
have been turned on to make you smile,
don't step on them, think they are yours,
and greet our God to make us see the sun.
If a child's smile makes you see
that life always says if you look,
don't think, run and you'll see,
as your desire for love hasn't passed yet.
Your love hasn't passed yet.
A big day I believe will come, if we all believe that love
can make us see the clouds under the sun.
It isn't a wish that I think alone, I know we all want it,
then come, let us all sing to our God.
 Making all that we imagine (instrumental version) (3'58):
  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana


Score in pdf: