023-Looking for the golden star

At Christmas seek the golden star.

  • Work
    • 023
  • Name
    • Looking for the golden star
  • City and date
    • Besalú, July 1988
  • Duration
    • 4'30
  • Instrumentation
    • piano and voice
  • Texts
    • Paco Viciana
  • Text language
    • Catalan
  • Premiere
    • Besalú, Church of Sant Julià (Municipal Theater) October 10, 1989 Piano: Paco Viciana Parochial choir of Besalú

Over 10 years that I practiced as teacher and director of the Music School of Besalú "El Sol Fa La Vida", school I created in 1987 and which I left it to other fellow workers in 1997, I generated all kinds of incentives and inventions to get make the heavy learning of musical language, something funny and both efective, like classic games adapted to musical learning: sink ships, the scarf game, dices games, etc. or finishing every class singing something modern like songs from the Beatles, among many other initiatives of that pedagogic time of my musical career.

And it's clear, I also composed, creating many songs with the objective of singing them in music class, and so were born the following themes of my then fresh catalog of compositions:

-Musical elf
-Fair's terror
-We'll wait for you
-Making all that we imagine
-Looking for the golden star

At that time I also lead the parish chorus of Besalú, so I also used some of these themes in his repertoire.


Looking for the golden star
When the sun all alone
crumbles far away
with its joy.
The lovers all alone
making way singing
with new moon.
A fairy 
said to them: at Christmas
seek the golden star.
And the lovers all alone
making way at night
finding out the sky.
If she cried
full of grief,
he kissed her
from ear to ear.
Tell us fairy
what is there to do
if joy
never comes anymore?.
Seek your star
if inside your breast, at night,
anguish burns you.
When you think
everything is lost, under the star
surprises will come.
And singing all together
with great love, full of light,
the star will guard them.
Peace love and honey
everywhere, at Christmas
Green and Blue is the World.
Looking for the golden star (instrumental version) (4'36):
  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana


Score in pdf: