018-We will be close to your heart

Inside clear water, I saw a light.

  • 018
  • We will be close to your heart
City and date
  • Barcelona, November 1986
  • 3’40
  • piano and voice
  • Paco Viciana
Text language
  • Catalan
  • That it rotates round (1997)
  • Barcelona, Church of Sant Medir December 24, 1986 Parochial choir of the Church of Sant Medir Organ: Paco Viciana
First vocal creation of my catalog. Originally created to use it during the mass in Sant Medir's Church of the Barcelona district of Sants, where they let me practice on his organ where I also established a strong friendship with his chaplain, Bigordà, and with the whole congregation.

For this reason I played for many years in the midnight mass, on Christmas eve, and so I created this song for this congregation, which has had much success and has been sung for a long time during regular mass.
It was in this Church where I offered my first piano concert with own repertoire, specifically the 4th of March, 1987. 

Around the same time, a good friends of mine y parishioner of Sant Medir, Xavier and Pilar, invited me to interpret the song in his wedding at the Church of Montserrat, and for this reason I played the organ in the catalan basilica of Montserrat, an honor, therefore the fact to play in Montserrat, as especially because two friends decided join their lifes using my music. 
Xavier and Pilar's wedding in Montserrat

Idealistic song and filled of positivity, a song of hope and and love.
Aditionally, this theme wil take part in the 1997 album of youth issues That it rotates round.
Sant Medir
We will be close to your heart
If your desire is to reach the sea
and at the moonlight,
don't think it is very far or very near,
it's simply the heart of your desire,
if we all know, and toghether we wish,
I think we will never die.
If you cry because you can't see the sun,
don't think you are all alone,
look at your environment, and you will see your companions,
you want me to tell you we already knew,
tears because, don't you see inside your heart,
is more light and more clarity.
Inside clear water, I saw a light
when I think needed,
and now I know for sure, there are millions of lights,
maybe ther is one around the corner,
they are your memmories, your eyes, your kisses,
I think we will never die.
If your desire is to reach the sea,
you have soul of seagull,
see the horizon, you will go beyond,
and we will be at your side, like white clouds,
you see we already knew, you see we all desire,
we will be close to your heart.
We will be close to your heart (That it rotates round version) (3'39):
  • Choirs: Pep Puigdemont, Beth Riera
  • Rhythm guitars and choirs: Josep M. Godoy (Hotxin)
  • Solo voice and choirs: Agnès Fusté, Xavier Thió
  • Solo voice, flute and choirs: Susanna Palou
  • Keyboards: Paco Viciana
We will be close to your heart (instrumental version) (3'27):
  • Keyboards: Jeroni Pagan


Score in pdf: