206-Emociona’t-e (mix-chamber version)

More emotions.

  • Work
    • 206
  • Name
    • Emociona’t-e (mix-chamber version)
  • City and date
    • Banyoles, November 2003
  • Duration
    • 9'
  • Instrumentation
    • tenora and piano - clarinet and piano
  • Parts
    • 1) Joy 2) Fear 3) Sadness 4) Cholera 5) Love
  • Cd
    • Emociona't-e (2003)
  • Premiere (tenora version)
    • Banyoles, Municipal Theater March 5, 2004 Tenora: Jordi Molina Piano: Paco Viciana

Mix for clarinet and piano and for tenora and piano about the work Emociona't-e,, commision of the Foundation Help and Hope, to generate in music diverse emotions of the human being and then to develop them in their emotional workshops that they did throughout the whole country.

The emotions or concepts that I proposed to work musically in this work were joy, fear, sadness, anger and love. A particular vision of human emotions.

Work included in the show Paco Viciana Collage (2004)

Emociona't-e (mix for tenora and piano) (8'35):



Score in pdf (mix for tenora and piano):



Emociona't-e (mix for clarinet and piano) (8'35):



Score in pdf (mix for clarinet and piano):