• Cover page of CD of the work 1997

075-Love to life

I love life.

  • Work
    • 075
  • Name
    • Love to life
  • City and date
    • Besalú, Febrero de 1996
  • Duration
    • 65'
  • Instrumentation
    • oboe, psalteri, percussions, drums, doblebass and piano
  • Parts
    • 1) Love in life (know yourself), 2) Waiting (cold sould winter), 3) Look for your beloved (leaving the nest), 4) Playing in the mother cave (a light peculiar to childhood), 5) Life is born free (horizon), 6) Goodbye, love (raw betrayal of death), 7) The Earth (made of patience and mystery), 8) Mother tenderness (instinct of loving), 9) Hope and longing (the fragility of fate), 10) The menace (novelty), 11) Renewing the cycle (life)
  • Cd
    • 25 years making music (2013)
    • Collaborators Concert (2013)
    • Love to live (1997)
  • Premiere
    • Figueres, Teatre Municipal El Jardí March 6, 1998 Oboe: Francesc Castillo Double bass: Pere Coma Percussions and drums: Xavi Rodríguez Piano, psalteries and Andean flute: Paco Viciana

Work created after viewing a BBC documentary called "The sea wolf, survival on the coast of the skeletons" of the series Natural World, a story about love and death between Hyenas in the west coast of Africa. An ode to life and hope.

As an anecdote, let me tell you that I am a great admirer of the work of american saxophonist Paul Winter, and once I financed the recording of the CD's work and had a valid product in my hands, I had the audacity to send it to him after finding out that in the back of his recordings that I had, there was a PO Box from New York, where I sent it.


The show Love to life

Thinking that nothing would happen, but neither had nothing to lose, after some time I received a fax that left me in shock when I read it. It was a fax from Paul Winter who told me that he liked my work "Love to Life" and that he was going on tour through Spain and he wanted to meet me. And so it happenned, after a short time we met in Madrid after the concert he did in this city, and the next day we were invited to a friend's house in the same city so we could continue speaking with him and his musicians: Paul Halley, Glen Velez, Eugene Friesen and others, all of them were very nice to us and very great musicians. A big pleasure. 

When the CD was edited by Resistencia Ediciones of Madrid, Paul Winter wanted to make his contribution and we incorporated in the CD the following sentence of him about my work: "Love to Life is an album of exquisite music from a superb young musician/composer and his colleagues. It is refreshing to hear instrumental music of such elegance. I imagine a very bright future for Paco Viciana".

Later I made following arrangements of parts of the work:

1) Love to life (flute, oboe, cello, percussions and piano)
4) Playing in mother cave (cello and piano)
5) Life is born free (piano solo)
5) Life is born free (oboe, cello, percussions and piano)
7) The Earth (flute, english horn, cello, percussions and psalteri)
Work included in the Cd Love to life (1997)
Work included in the shows: 

The work is divided in 11 parts with the following titles and subtitles:

Love to life (65'):

1) Love to life (know yourself) (5'32)



2) Waiting (cold soul winter) (4'48)



3) Looking for your beloved (leaving the nest) (5'18)



4) Playing in mother cave (a light peculiar to childhood) (3'09)



5) Life is born free (horizon) (5'03)



6) Good bye, love (raw betrayal of death) (4'58)



7) The Earth (made of patience and mystery) (10'30)



8) Mother tenderness (instinct of loving) (5'10)



9) hope and longing (the fragility of fate) (5'57)



10) The menace (novelty) (4'35)



11) Renewing the cicle (life) (10'50)



  • Oboe: Lluís Pujals
  • Double bass: Jaume Moreno
  • Percussions and drums: Xavi Rodríguez
  • Piano, psalteri and Andean flute: Paco Viciana



Score in pdf: