New experience-private concert on the Airbnb web platform


Nex experience-private concert on the Airbnb web: EXCURSIÓN CONCERT AT BANYOLES LAKE:

What we do:

The central element of this excursion-concert is the magic of the Banyoles Lake and the Water Nymphs, also called Goges or Aloges in Catalonia, the water Fairies of Banyoles. Magic beings that had their palaces in a place called in Catalan “Les Estunes”, a unique amb magical place with their mysterious caves that we can visit, and were was inspired the idea for a ballet with the same name, Water Nymphs, with music by Paco.

Apart from “Les Estunes”, we will visit other magical and not known places just near Banyoles Lake. We will revive the place where the ballet was premiered and we will listen the music os this ballet while we go around the lake by car.

And after opening the senses when visiting these mysterious places, we will be able to listen to Paco in his studio in a live piano concert, with the unique peculiarity of listening to his creations, including parts of the ballet Water Nymphs, at within the space and with the same piano that were created. A mini-concert of pieces full of mystery and vitality that will enjoy for shure.

As a goodbye to the experience we will make a snack with an aperitif and we will give you a small personalized present.

A journey to the senses.