Mini concert-Presentation in BLAU D'ART Banyoles


The BLAU D'ART art and culture space from Banyoles (, created and directed by the artist Anna Bahí ( invites you the next Saturday, October 24, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. to a presentation of the photo book by Tino Soriano BANYOLESPECULUM (, where he collects a hundred photographs of the landscape, color and light of Lake Banyoles accompanied by short poems (haikus and tankas) by the writer J.N. Santaeulàlia (

The musical part which accompanies the selection of images that can be seen in the video, has been created by the composer Paco Viciana, who will offer us a piano's mini-concert in this presentation.

Capacity will be limited by the application of current health standards. Book a place by calling 626 427 532 - 676 157 800


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