The Geriona choral and The Island of Women.

Let me explain the relationship between the Geriona choral and my work The Island of Women.

That the Geriona, youth choral born in music shool of Girona, is a mass phenomenon is not a discovery, that they deserve it, is evident after 15 years of hard and meticulous work, that excite with its staging and thorough musical work and his repertory, it's nothing new. 

But some months before, that wasn't so, the youth choral Geriona moved in a scope where hundreds of musical agrupations of our country, in a discreet anonymity, humble and proud, but anonymity.

Anonymity for that we call “the big audience”, because for many they are a reality for years.

More than 15 years of work isn't anonymity, but discreet and constant. Imma Pascual has directed them since they were small children who began to sing as an activity in music school, and little by little, year after year, test after test, is born GERIONA.

But make no mistake, they haven't suddenly achieved such point of musical maturity to deserve this success. And that they deserve amply, in fact, it's the result of having participated through many weeks in the program of TVC Oh Happy Day, which has obtained a huge success that has surprised even his organizers. 

So then, the Geriona already lead my theme The island of women arround the country before participating in this program, they used it in the program (with the refusal of the directive of the program and under the responsability of Imma, they ensure to use an “unknown” autor), and they still use her in some of her concerts live.

In the vídeo I propose you to watch, you'll find two interventions of the Geriona with The Island of Women, in particular in the Parliament of Catalonia and in the program Oh Happy Day.

The theme The Island of Women talks about a very hard reality that women have to deal with dailyin our male chauvinist world; the use of gender violence.

Lyrics are inspired in real facts where women of the island of Koh Kor of Cambodia got an “Island” for themselves, far from any male presence, thanks to a mediation of an European ONG. This women were prostituted and battered since they were little, whereby I imagined one of this women waking up in this island, protected from male violence and facing for first time a bright future

A very hard topic and a light of hope


The Island of Women (2'03):



  • Choral: Coir Geriona
  • Piano: Marc Piqué
  • Direction: Imma Pascual

form Cd The voice made emotion (2014)

(article published for first time on 29/04/2014)

The Island of Women - Geriona