A song of freedom, a free Catalonia, a joint and peaceful proyect. The revolution of smiles.

Today I invite you to listen “Hymns”, I use this composition as an excuse for making you participant of my excited hope after the massive poitical rally on the streets of Barcelona, September 11, 2012.
In 2003, and within my colaboration in the program of Catalunya RàdioEl Pont de les Formigues” directed by Narcís Gironell I composed this piece for solo piano that I present to you today and that I aglutinated with other sisters born under the same context named “instantaneous Music”. 

One clarification: my “Anthem” is aimed to the people that under conflicts and abuses want to live in peace and freedom, without much fuss. Humble, discreet, anonymus and feisty people that with fierce dignity are the authentic motors of any nation in the planet, and I assure you catalans as other towns of the world have been surrounded by them. It is about a song of hope and freedom

Let's never forget the sound of the popular clamor that aglutinated more than half million people (I was there and sincerely, I got the impression there was the whole country) to shout very loud the sovereign will to decide our future as free people.

And if instead of starting a text around many outrages and irrational incomprehensions we have between catalans and spaniards, we start to making the idea we have everything to create a new right and stimulating nation?

And if we start to imagine a normalized country in a relatively immediate future?  

It's possible, as saying a banner in the demonstration: YES WE CAT.

Let's focus in catalan reality to start a proyect witch calmness, serenity and full conviction in our posibilities of getting out, we need confidence in ourselves as a free country, and this is slow but possible

Let's not forget that this massive demonstration wasn't summoned by any political force, they were there, obviously, but not in headboard. Finally, after many years, many of us have had the sensation we are doing efective politics in the streets. .

We live exciting moments but of extreme delicacy, because if we do not leave strengthened in our own confidence as a country, we will be surely in a negative spiral hard to get over in many years

The breakup won't be easy, but it's possible. For the first time in many years, it's possible.

And if we achieve it I am sure we'll give the possibility to other people search his own identity and release of this offspring of thieves and exploited people that our inefficient system support and protect

We have many things to solve inside Catalonia, we have upon us a dominator bourgeoisie who doesn't want public education and give the same opportunities of prosperity for everyone, nor public healthcare worryingly privatized, and a politic system extremely partisan and reserved that has bring to most of us disenchantment and frustration. And many white-collar thieves. 

But I love this corner of the world called Catalonia, a small territory, full of welcoming people, a bridge of cultures. It's my land and the one of my children, and I don't want it to be battered with unfair and harmful aspersions that push everyone to interpret our differences as exchange weapons, and to dilute in suicidal maner our common complicities, which we also have. 

To understand a bit more about this ancestral conflict between catalans and spaniards I invite you to watch a very interesting audiovisual of 40 minutes, made by english, and in my opinion quite enlightening:

I was born in Barcelona in 1964, when Franco was dictator. I am son of andalusian father and catalan mother, and she was daughter of cataln father and murcian mother. Castilian-talkin of birth, and current user of the catalan as lingua franca. I am Paco. And my reality is that of many catalans, because Catalonia has alwas been a land of reception, and the ones who doesn't know her should shut up forever please.  Long live free Catalonia!!
Anthems (3'): 
  • Piano: Paco Viciana

(article published for first time on 27/09/2012)