Few of my works have a such explicit title as this song.

Idiots to the power is a song created mid-2007 for the album Iris of the singer Alícia Calzada.
It talks, obvoiusly, of human stupidity, especially of stupidity in the domes of power, so plenty and sofisticated, created, cultivated, conservated (from there the concept "conservatives”) and extended among the powerful. 

Although sometimes I think we are the stupid ones by giving enough power (either by passive or by active) to this troop of thiefs and extorsionists who always have done such bad to humanity with his inexhaustible and disproportionate annihilating ambition.

The great Joan Manuel Serrat has a wonderful song (as most of his songs) that define them perfectly: “Something personal”. I wanted to be more explicit and even a little bit more enraged

In fact, 2007 was a year to pop madness we live currently, but don't forget we musics suffer a crisis long before. 

Inspiration to start this theme (in principle it sounded a bit hard to Alicia Calzada, but I thank her she finally promised me to make it), was a new that rememberd to yankee intelligence system ("fuckin' A" they are intelligents and I am stupid) around suspect Pablo Picasso for his perniciously communist tendencies. 

Many resources, much energy iand so much wasted talent serving the most absurd and stupid madness.

And it is that stupidity generates more stupidity

Although you can check in the audiovisual that my truly inspirator was the great president José María Aznar, state terrorist and  grotesque character of recent spanish politics.A personified shame. It is clear that thousands of pepole would disagree with my opinion( at least all the voters of PP), but just look carefully the photos of undone Irak war to justify lies and obscene falsehoods thus spanish leader. The are frightening

Either way, I didn't thought things would end like this( it is clear that aside Mr. Santiago Niño Becerra, none seem to know it, or if they knew, the looked away), whereby my 2007 song talks about highly topical themes. 

All photos that appear in this audiovisual are taken from the internet, I just made a mixture to make you understand better the message and make it more current. 
Surely next week we'll have more Stuff because news of today sound silly and outdated, and is that the bastards (and I supress my words for being a bit more educated than them) as I say, they feed back  and they offer us everyday new ways to reinvent nonsense and shame. The good of the time we live is that now everything is known more than before, and in this life "every cloud has a silver lining".
I advise zealously the visualization of the SIMIOCRACY, terrific and clarifier, and it's final phrase explains wonderfully the source of inspiration of my song. 
“Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity”, it can be said higher, but not clearer.
Idiots to the power (5'45):
  • Voice: Alícia Calzada
  • Drums and percussions: Cidon Trindade
  • Electric Bass: Rai Ferrer
  • Piano and keyboards: Paco Viciana 
from Cd Iris 2009
(article published for first time on 15/05/2012)

Idiots to the power