GYMNASTICS (Videoclip)


Audiovisual Gymnastics, about the Salt Gimnàstic Club of Salt (Girona).

One of my first artistic colaborations  witch my eldest son, Aniol. In this audiovisual called Gymnastics, he took care of realization of the whole proyect, and I created the music

So, it's about the making of an audiovisual around the activities carried out at Salt Gimnàstic Club (Salt, Girona) where Aniol practices gymnastics since some years with continued enthusiasm.

For this chance, I was at his total disposal, and I was lead masterfully by his talent and his tender artistic wisdom. 

I know, I know, I do not talk objetively, for that are you, so watch and judge..

We would call it “father's love”, but it was a pleasure work with Aniol, especially after seeing the good result.

The challenge was to transmit the effort , dedication and poetism of this hard and sacrified sport. 

The music tries to transmit the stillness and concentration of the gymnast needed before the exercise on the device. and at the same time the excitement and energy which is released visualizing the exercises this gymnasts make without surrender. 

For whatever here you have, the audiovisual Gymnastics left of the Viciana factory. 

A  professional-looking family production.

Gymnastics (OST) (2'52): 



  • Keyboards and piano: Paco Viciana

(article published for first time on 12/04/2012)