037-Such a forward youngster (Theatre)


  • 037
  • Quin jove més embalat
  • Besalú, Febrer de 1991
  • 15'
  • piano and voices
  • 1) No m'agrada gens això 2) Estranya aventura 3) Mireu amigues meves 4) Ja el sento, silenci 5) La nit que vaig conèixer 6) Tot s'acaba, tot s'atura
  • Paco Viciana
  • Català
  • Besalú, Esglèsia de Sant Julià (Teatre Municipal) 24 de Novembre de 1991 Agrupació de Teatre de Besalú

Group of six songs to use them in the vaudeville of the same name French playwright Eugène Labiche.

Commissioned by the theater group Besalú, to use them in its version of vaudeville in 1991.

For that purpose I recorded the accompaniment of the songs and used this recording in their functions. Recordings lost at the moment.

Work included in the show Such a forward youngster (1991)

In the years of collaboration in Catalonia Radio program "El pont de les formigues" directed by Martin Gironell, I made a version of the song Nr. 3 of this work "Look my friends":


3) Look my friends (The woman) (2'35)

  • Piano: Paco Viciana


Such a forward youngster:


1) I don't like that (Dardar-Fonoll) (2'21)



2) Strange adventure (Dardar-Pontbichet) (2'01)



3) Look my friends (The woman) (2'58)



4) I already feel it, silence (Colardeau-Pontbichet) (1'58)



5) The night I met (Colardeau-Minyona) (1'34)



6) Everything ends, everything stops (Tots) (2'02)



General score in pdf: