Looking eyes of the people.

  • 096
  • Mirades
City and date
  • Banyoles, 2000
  • 2'40
  • percussions, drums, electric guitar, electric bass, diatonic accordion, voice and piano
  • Paco Viciana
Text language
  • Català
  • Banyoles, Teatre Municipal 23 de Març de 2002 Veu: Alicia Calzada Guitarres: Francesc Ubanell Baix: Manel Vega Bateria: Cidon Trindade Percussions: Enric Canada Acordió: Perepau Jimènez Piano: Paco Viciana

Work that gives name to the record work Glimpses of the year 2001.

Vital and playful part, which represents the subtle and meaningful language of human eyes, making use of games with words.

I proposed to collaborate on this subject with Joan Manuel Serrat, but he told me that it didn't seem to be a suitable part for him, he was right.

This theme was part of my first collaboration with the singer Alícia Calzada, with whom, as a result of this first musical encounter, many more future collaborations emerged.


Alícia Calzada

Later I have made several arrangements of this work, and it has always provoked a lot of applause on the stage.



Mira com transiten les mirades de la gent,
poesies etèries,
són llanternes discretes de l’ànima humana,
i reposen a dins d’una volva de sabó.

Mira com esclata la vida al teu voltant
a dins del “cada dia”,
mira aquestes mirades que busquen tendresa
i que cerclen miracles amb quotidianitat.

Mira, mira-les, mira com et miren,
mira que et miren, i miraràs com et miraran,
sense cap mirament,
mirant mirades de la gent.


Glimpses (English translation)


Look at how people transmit their glimpses,
ethereal poems,
they are discreet lanterns of the human soul,
and they rest in a piece of soap.

Look at how life Is exploding all around you
In the daily routine
look at the glimpses that look for tenderness
and seek miracles on a daily basis.

Look, look at them, look at how they look at you,
look that they look at you, and you will see at how they will look at you,
without a look,
looking at people’s glimpses.


Work included in the shows:


Glimpses (2'40):



  • Voice: Alícia Calzada
  • Guitars: Francesc Ubanell
  • Bass: Manel Vega
  • Drums: Cidon Trindade
  • Percussions: Enric Canada
  • Accordion: Perepau Jimènez
  • Piano: Paco Viciana

from Cd Glimpses (2001)


Glòria Garcés


Glimpses (version for the show Journeying) (2'49): 



  • Voice: Glòria Garcés
  • Flute: Esteve Zulet
  • Oboe: Almudena Jambrina
  • Cello: Daniel Regincós
  • Percussions: Cidon Trindade
  • Piano: Paco Viciana

Concert at the Church of l'Assumpció de Segur of Calafell on August 25, 2002


Glimpses (version for the show Lunatics) (2'31):



  • Voice: Glòria Garcés
  • Flute: Esteve Zulet
  • Piano: Paco Viciana

Concert at the Viader auditorium of Girona on June 5, 2003