094-Free spirit

Taking off the heart with the stars.

  • 094
  • Esperit lliure
City and date
  • Banyoles, 2000
  • 6'
  • percussions, drums, electric guitar, electric bass, diatonic accordion, voice and piano
  • Paco Viciana
Text language
  • Català
  • Banyoles, Teatre Municipal 23 de Març de 2002 Veu: Alicia Calzada Guitarres: Francesc Ubanell Baix: Manel Vega Bateria: Cidon Trindade Percussions: Enric Canada Acordió: Perepau Jimènez Piano: Paco Viciana

A song to freedom, personified in a bird exposed in an animal store.

Theme created expressly to incorporate it in the record work Glimpses of the year 2001, and that later I rejected it for this record work. Still we used it live.

This was my first collaboration with the singer Alícia Calzada, with whom as a result of this first musical encounter many more future collaborations emerged.


Alícia Calzada


Esperit lliure
Obre un ull en despertar
no sap bé on esta,
una gàbia de metall
és la seva llar,
un ocell que veu volar
li recordarà
un passat de llibertat
que no oblidarà.
Enlaira el cor
amb els estels
el teu amor.
Tastarà el seu menjar
no sembla afectat,
però hi ha un halo de tristor
en el seu voltant,
tot i així s’aixecarà
i potser riurà
l’esperança sempre hi viu
per als cors valents.
Enlaira el cor
amb els estels
el teu amor.
Ja fa temps que no en sé res
d’aquell cor perdut,
la botiga d’animals
ja mai obrirà,
de la gàbia de metall
surt una claror,
és ben buida de tristor
hi ha la llibertat.
Enlaira el vol
potser hi seràs
en el teu món
amb tot l’amor.
Free spirit (English translation)
Open an eye upon awakening
he doesn't know where it is,
a metal cage
is your home,
a bird he sees flying
will remind him
a past of freedom
which he won't forget.
Raise the heart
with the stars
you will remember
your love.
He'll taste the food
he doesn't seem affected,
but there is a halo of sadness
in its surroundings,
it will still rise
and maybe he will laugh
hope always lives
but in brave hearts.
Enlaira el cor
amb els estels
el teu amor.
I have not heard anything in a while
of that lost heart,
the animal store
it will never open,
of the metal cage
a light comes out,
is well void of sadness
there is freedom.
Raise the flight
maybe you will be
in your world
with all the love.
Work included in the show Glimpses (2002)
Free spirit (5'56):
  • Voice: Alícia Calzada
  • Guitars: Francesc Ubanell
  • Bass: Manel Vega
  • Drums: Cidon Trindade
  • Percussions: Enric Canada
  • Accordion: Perepau Jimènez
  • Piano: Paco Viciana
from Cd Glimpses (rejected) 2001