239-Listen, feel, breathe!

To make us feel alive.

  • 239
  • Escolta, sent, respira!
City and date
  • Banyoles, Setembre de 2008
  • 15'
  • synthesizer
  • 1) Respiració 2) Relaxació progressiva 3) Activació 1 4) Activació 2

Commission of Nuria Vall·llosera from the company Dacom, for the creation of a CD in Catalan and Spanish with a voice in off for helping people relax and feel it.

The audio you can hear is a summary of 15 'of the total of the work that originally lasts 50'.

The piano sheet that I attach for you on this work is only the reference that I used to fill it with the synthesizer sounds that can be felt in the final audio.

Listen, feel, breathe! (selection) (15'40):



  • Piano and keyboards: Paco Viciana