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075-Life is born free (Love to life) (piano version)


  • 075
  • La vida ha nascut lliure (L'amor a la vida) (piano version)
  • Besalú, Febrer de 1996
  • 4'
  • piano
  • Figueres, Teatre Municipal El Jardí 6 de Març de 1998 Oboè: Francesc Castillo Contrabaix: Pere Coma Percussions: Xavi Rodríguez Piano i Psalteri: Paco Viciana

Abstract for piano solo of a part of the work Love to life, composed after viewing a BBC documentary called "The sea wolf, survival on the coast of the skeletons" of the series Natural World, a story about love and death between Hyenas in the west coast of Africa. 

An ode to life and hope.

Work included in the Cd Love to life (1997)

Work included in the shows:

Life is born free (Love to life) (piano version) (3'47): 


  • Piano: Paco Viciana
recorded in the studios of Catalunya Ràdio